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Oakstone Publishing excels at creating resource materials that help individuals improve their lives.

With nearly 40 years of experience serving the medical and dental communities, Oakstone provides healthcare professionals with non-biased, continuing education and study aid materials. Practical Reviews, Dental Decks, and CMEinfo are the flagship brands of Oakstone Publishing. Serving more than 40 medical and dental specialty areas, Oakstone Publishing partners with some of the most prestigious educational institutions and associations. 

With Practical Reviews subscribers have access to peer-reviewed journal summaries and commentary that allow healthcare professionals to stay current with critical research while earning continuing education credits. Because the editors of Practical Reviews are some of the leading practitioners and instructors in their fields, subscribers not only get access to cutting edge research, but also receive guidance on how to apply that research and information into every day practice. The journal summaries and commentaries are provided in a variety of formats to meet the changing needs and schedules of our professionals. Digital audio, mailed audio CD’s and online newsletter formats are available in many of the specialties we serve.

CMEinfo, records some of the most important medical and dental conferences and provides digital access to these programs for learning in the home or office.  With CMEinfo programs, you have the ability to start, stop, or repeat any lecture topic. Learn at your convenience and review topics as needed. CMEinfo partners with such leading institutions as: UCSF, UCLA, Harvard Medical School, and Cleveland Clinic.

In addition, Oakstone Publishing partners with the American College of Physicians, the American College of Surgeons, and the American Geriatrics Society to produce audio versions of their popular board preparation materials. These self-assessment programs allow you to gain exclusive insider perspectives from program authors and other eminent specialist through a unique and informative interview session. For additional information on our self-assessment product lines, visit:

MKSAP 18 Audio Companion
SESAP 16 Audio Companion
GRS10 Audio Companion

Personal Best, a division of Oakstone Publishing has been a wellness industry leader in the U.S. and Canada for over 25 years. Personal Best is an award-winning and medically-vetted publisher of one of the most extensive collections of corporate wellness communication tools. We strive to create stronger businesses by educating, encouraging and enriching organizations through a full range of workplace communication tools that are both actionable and affordable. Our success as an industry leader is aimed at enhancing employees’ performance and productivity while promoting workplace health and safety.

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